Video analysis of the game
In modern days everyone makes videos of their teams playing but uses exclusively for good memories.
Soccer IQ Academy offers different option!
We will do analysis of player's game based on video you provide to us!

Besides improving player's soccer IQ at camps and small group training, SIQ Academy also provides detailed analysis of a player's game based on video material provided by the player.

Upon receiving a video from the player, a SIQ Academy coach will watch the video and analyse it utilizing soccer video analysis software.

Then coach will meet with the parent and player and go over the video again pointing to the specific situations and explaining correct movement and action.

At the end of the session, the player will be left with analysis of his performance in the game and 3 main immediate goals that he should focus on during future games in the season.

We believe this is a very powerful tool for player's development and are excited to implement it with top quality youth players.

To schedule video analysis:

- contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

Testimonial from parent of Rapids DA player
My son had reached a plateau and was becoming increasingly frustrated, not knowing how to get himself to the next level. Tolya suggested we do a video analysis to better understand what was going on. Tolya began by asking my son what he thought he did well and were he saw his own weaknesses. It turned out that what Tolya saw from the video was quite different from what my son had going on in his head. Through this process, Tolya was able to shed light on specific things my son can be doing that will allow him to play better and provide a far greater contribution to his team. I would highly recommend the SIQ Video Analysis to anyone whose child feels stuck and is ready to move to the next level of play. Tolya's approach was positive, reassuring and motivating. It could not have come at a better time.

What differs Soccer IQ Academy from other soccer camps in USA?
SIQ Academy camps will:
Improve player IQ
Our coaches and activities focused on developing in players better understanding of the game
Increase player efficiency
After SIQ camps players will have better understanding of the game and as result will perform at higher level
Increase team ball control time
Our curriculum will improve ability of the team to possess the ball in attacking manner
Increase scoring opportunities
Possession of the ball should have purpose. Our training promotes aggressive attacking style of soccer with ball control.
Improve team efficiency
SIQ training will help teams to control the ball most of the time, dominate the game and create more scoring opportunities.
Increase ability to read the game
SIQ camps are designed to develop intelligent players on and off the field. After our camps players will see the game differently!!

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