Running technique clinic
Running technique clinic
Date: Sunday, September 19th
Time slots:
2:30-3:30pm - players born in 2011 and younger SOLD OUT
3:30-4:30pm - players born in 2010 and older

Place: Village Greens Park (9501 E Union Ave, Greenwood Village, CO 80111)
PRICE: $30/session

Mitchell is a Triple Gold Medal National Track and Field Champion with 15 years experience of developing programs and training athletes of all ages. Mitchell worked with high level track and field athletes, NFL and MLB players, college soccer teams and now is coming to share his knowledge with SIQ Elite players. Mitchell will be talking to the players about science of running and working on the most efficient sprinting techniques. Here's message from Mitch :

"My name is Mitchell Robertson, I specialize in transforming athletes through improvements in sport specific speed and movement efficiency.
You are not as fast as you could be, no matter your athleticism, genetics, or current training. You can be faster, and you will be in one session.
I believe that speed is addictive to the player, the coach, and the scouts. When you feel it, you want more, and when they see it, they want you on their team.
By demonstrating to kids that they can drastically change their athleticism, I believe that this empowers them to pursue more challenging goals, become self-motivated, and teaches them that when they break down a goal into very detailed pieces, that they can accomplish more than they ever dreamed.

I look forward to proving to you that you can be the athlete that you want to be

-Mitchell Robertson"

Running technique clinic 2:30pm time slot
Running clinic at 2:30pm at Village Greens park
Running technique clinic 3:30pm time slot
Running clinic at 3:30pm at turf field Village Greens park
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