At what age do you begin to really develop soccer IQ??
"Hi Tolya,
I was wondering at what age do you begin to really develop the kids IQ? At U6 Rec about half my team "gets it" and can look for space and find openings, understands the rules, and can see the big picture on the field. The rest of the team are a few years, if ever, from achieving this. It makes it difficult to cater to both groups on the team and keep all of the kids progressing.

Since almost all kids go though rec soccer before academy, etc, the tools for their success start with volunteer coaches. What steps, drills, or advice do you have for rec coaches to start developing kids soccer IQ at a young age? Are there a few key skills and IQ objectives that you would like to see, for example, U6 to U8 players understand/have mastered that will set them up for success later when they can cognitively process/understand more about the game?"
Christine, U6 boys coach

This is great set of questions and I think it is worth to spend some time on it.
Here are the questions I see in this e-mail:
- at what age is it good to start coaching soccer IQ?
- when coaching 6 years old boys what is the goal? what should they be able to do by let's say age 8?
- how to deal with different level of players on the same team?

So I would like to answer each of these questions separately so today will be "at what age is it good to start coaching soccer IQ?". To me it is the easiest question - same as at what age time to teach your child to be smart?? - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! But just like with general education we are not teaching calculus and geometry to 5 years old same with football. To be smart player at 5 is different than at 16 but still even at 5 you can see difference in understanding football.

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