SIQ offers private training for all age groups. This time would be a training one on one with one of our experienced coaches working on any part of the game that you need!
Team/Group Training
SIQ offers a unique training method in which our SIQ coaches come train your team! This gives your team a competitive edge over your competition by adding another coaching perspective and style to your teams game.
Elite Weekly Trainings
SIQ offers two weekly trainings on Friday and Sundays. This training is open for all ages from 4-18. These trainings are held at Village Greens park.
Private Training
Video Analysis
SIQ offers private video analysis for all ages focused around breaking down each part of a players game and to give each player applicable advice for their next game or training session!
Full Team Service
SIQ offers a package for teams that includes close work with the team coach on designing and conducting the training sessions, and game video analysis
Game Analysis at the field
SIQ offers individual player assessment during the game. SIQ coach will come to the game, watch and analyze it, and talk to the player after the game. At the end of the meeting, the player will be left with 3 immediate goals that he/she has to focus on during the next few months.
What differs Soccer IQ Academy from other soccer camps in USA?
SIQ Academy camps will help your player:
  • Improve player IQ
    Our coaches and activities focused on developing in players better understanding of the game
  • Increase player efficiency
    After SIQ camps players will have better understanding of the game and as result will perform at higher level
  • Increase team ball control time
    Our curriculum will improve ability of the team to possess the ball in attacking manner
  • Increase scoring opportunities
    Possession of the ball should have purpose. Our training promotes aggressive attacking style of soccer with ball control.
  • Improve team efficiency
    SIQ training will help teams to control the ball most of the time, dominate the game and create more scoring opportunities.
  • Increase ability to read the game
    SIQ camps are designed to develop intelligent players on and off the field. After our camps players will see the game differently!!

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