Rated #1 Summer Soccer Camps in Colorado
Train like a Pro in 1 week
- Denver , Castle Rock, Thornton
- Boys and girls between 5 and 14 years old
- High school camps
This Summer SIQ is excited to run short Summer camps gor High School players (2006 - 2009).
All SIQ Summer camps will include following aspects of training:
Position Specific training during the camp (one day of the camp will be dedicated to the defending concepts, one - to the role of the midfielders, and one - to the attacking fundamentals). Players will learn the challenges and nuances of various positions.

- Finishing (one day of the camp will be focused on shooting technique and execution of the scoring opportunities)

- Each day players will work on the technical footwork, juggling, and speed and agility conditioning

- Each day players will have homework
What differs Soccer IQ Academy from other soccer camps in USA?
SIQ Academy camps will:
  • Improve player IQ
    Our coaches and activities focused on developing in players better understanding of the game
  • Increase player efficiency
    After SIQ camps players will have better understanding of the game and as result will perform at higher level
  • Increase team ball control time
    Our curriculum will improve ability of the team to possess the ball in attacking manner
  • Increase scoring opportunities
    Possession of the ball should have purpose. Our training promotes aggressive attacking style of soccer with ball control.
  • Improve team efficiency
    SIQ training will help teams to control the ball most of the time, dominate the game and create more scoring opportunities.
  • Increase ability to read the game
    SIQ camps are designed to develop intelligent players on and off the field. After our camps players will see the game differently!!

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